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The 1860 Club

The 1860 Club was formed in 2020 to re-establish and maintain contact between players, officials and supporters of the Preston Cricket Club (PCC).

It is not the intention of the 1860 Club to be only a past player's group, but rather to encourage social connections with all who have been and still are involved with PCC. For this reason the 1860 Club actively welcomes current players, officials and supporters.


The aim is that the 1860 Club will assist in preserving our history, support PCC with initiatives and to foster a spirit of support for those members who might need it.

A charter document which explains the creation, governance, goals and membership of the 1860 Club can be viewed here.

The 1860 Club has an active Facebook group which is open to anyone with a past association with the club.

We have also created a collection of interviews with past and present players which forms an extensive history of the club. These videos are available for viewing on our YouTube channel  - 1860 Club Interviews

If you would like to join the 1860 Club then please send us an email and we will be in touch -

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